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Payment Solutions that

At Berks Pay, we use affordable pricing, cutting edge technology and excellent customer care to meet your everyday business needs!

Paying with a Phone
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Berks Pay?

No Hidden Fees
Accept All Types of Payments
No More Rate Increases
Next Day Funding
Safe and Secure
24/7 Customer Support

What We Offer


Payment Terminals

Restaurants, auto repair, hair salons & everything in between, we got you covered!

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POS Systems

Designed to grow your business, our selection of POS systems will help you with everything from online bookings to inventory management.

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Take your business to the next level with Berks Pay using one of our many e-commerce solutions.

Discover Now

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Track your stock, create discounts and product libraries


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Stay up to date with real time insights into your business activities


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Never miss a payment with easy to use invoicing tools


Get Started Today

Berks Pay has a wide range of payment terminals designed to meet your business needs.

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